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Product Applications:

Our high performance spindle systems provide the precision machining solutions.

Our product range includes:

  • Fischer Milling program
  • Fischer Products
  • Fortuna products
  • Precise Products

Applications for Fischer Precise & Fortuna spindles in virtually every type of industry :
  • Engraving the lettering for tire molds
  • Slotting and profiling of fine-wood boards (dashboards)
  • Plastics and nickel-silver in the eyeglass industry
  • Aluminum and other metals - aerospace industry
  • Deburring of aluminum wheel rims
  • Various metals: cams and guideways
  • Precision engraving
  • Plastic templates and drawing instruments
  • Nickel-silver and other metals: cam and slot milling - wrench and key manufacturing
  • Soft iron, aluminum and plastics for precision electric motors
  • Profile milling and chamfering (multi-Way connectors) of PCBs
  • Slot milling and facing in the photographic and optics industry
  • Hard and soft wood - musical instruments, furniture industry
  • Mounting slots and keyways - mechanical and machine tools industries
  • Profiles rails - wood, plastics and aluminum - furniture and window manufacture
  • Printing rolls, copy milling
  • Camera bayonet mounts
  • Deburring and profiles milling of aluminum and GFR plastics, carbon fiber materials and
  • kevlar in the aerospace and automotive industries (also with industrial robots)
  • Rubber and plastic trims for automobiles
  • Parting-off of composite materials (inside vehicle roof linings)
  • Tread grooves in test tires for motor cycles (profiling)
  • Grooves and profiles in laminated wood, hard and soft plastics, aluminum panels for
  • electric sign advertising
  • Graphite, copper, 3-D milling for electrode manufacture
  • Edge milling V2A/V4A (tank for Ariane rocket)
  • 3-D milling, hard PU foam moldings (automotive industry, head supports, etc., suitcaselinings)
  • Composite materials (plastic-coated steel tube) for vehicle steering systems
  • Milling of brass and aluminum roller dies and molds for biscuits, cookies and chocolate
  • Profile milling of decorative door plates
  • Honeycomb material (aluminum and resin-bonded paper) for aircraft construction
  • Pertinax holders for die-punched articles (packaging industry)
  • Steel-wheel numbering machines
  • 3-D milling of glass, ceramics and titanium (dental industry)
  • Turn-milling of contact lenses
  • Turn-milling of plastic spectacle glasses

Application Areas:

  • Thread-tapping tips on threading dies
  • Gear wheel deburring mechanical engineering and automotive industry
  • Internal cylindrical grinding of drawing dies and other precision sleeves such as guide
  • sleeves, collects
  • Ferrite cores electrical industry
  • Parting-off of quartz discs
  • Tool and die manufacturing
  • Face grinding of ring gauges
  • Grinding of shaft centering elements
  • Edge grinding and finish-forming of glass
  • Fly-cutters
  • Nozzle bore grinding
  • Helical spring chamfering
  • Cardan shaft cages (automotive engineering)
  • Slotting of extractor bushings
  • Grinding of paper cutting knives

  • Graphite boards (e.g. for the glass industry/electronics industry)
  • Torch and carburetor nozzles (copper, brass, steel, etc.)
  • Aluminum aircraft components
  • PCB´s electronics industry
  • Steel moulds (e.g. glass blowing moulds
  • Tin carburetor parts
  • Vent holes for rubber seals
  • Plastics containers
  • Needle guides
  • Injection nozzles (cooling, metering, spray-application)
  • Spinning nozzles (man-made fibre industry)
  • Injection nozzles (diesel engines)
  • Tennis raquet stringing holes (GFR plastics, carbon fibre, aluminium, kevlar)
  • Plastic tubes for pneumatic systems (automotive engineering)
  • Keys from nickel-silver
  • Lock cylinder and other parts from the key industry made from brass
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